Furniture has been sold to all areas, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta. Client prefers customers to call.
Wanted a duplicate of one of his brochures, the site is promoted locally by radio. There is sound on this site, you can close the window or click on the spot button.
Lighting company wanted the ability to put hundreds of products online for sale, and be able to update themselves.
Client wanted just a fun page, even my umbrella cockatoo is there in a couple of places. Matter of fact, there is a friendly rivalry with competitor of the site to the right. As you scroll down to the bottom, you'll see a person in a red shirt, that's the owner of The Aquarium. There is a big slide show of all kinds of neat creatures at the bottom.
They wanted to make sure Seadreams had a good looking fish in their slide show, so the results were they both have a "better looking fish" on the other's site. The tone of this site is different, they do custom work and handle saltwater only, use high end filtration and DI only. Be sure and look at the custom tank page and see their slide show and especially the huge tank at the top of the page. They have compact lights online now and will expand soon
Spears caters to a large surrounding area here in mid Kansas. They've had events that were so large, that a semi was required to transport equipment and food. They also have a big slide show of some of their events.
A new company in the area providing detail and clean options for all vehicle types and carpet and upholstery clean in residential and commercial settings.
A GREAT bird place, the site showcases the birds she's raised and normally has in stock. The store was recently sold and the new owner has preferred homestead and designing the site herself. This is NOT the current site for the store and the birds listed in stock are not accurate. Click here for the current site redirect
Sample cart for designer Pat Landes of GLORY
Immanuel Baptist Church, Wichita, Kansas. Although the information about the church and staff are completed, just 3 of the ministries are up.
Spirit One Christian Center, Wichita, Kansas. Very close to being completed. They are as they say in the aboutus page; "...friendly, friendly, friendly church".'s old look new look
  Based out of Stafford VA, FlightQuarters has been on the web for the last 7yrs, and have been using Miva Merchant the last 4yrs. They are the originators of bird diapers and their business has been demonstrating a 60% increase yearly. A fun site even if you don't have birds. BTW, my umbrella cockatoo is now the proud owner of several FlightSuits and I take her with me many times to local web client appointments. She's potty brained but with the suit on, she sits quietly on my shoulder for hours and you wouldn't know she's around—except clients are fascinated with her. She also, is a proud owner of a bunny costume that includes bunny ears and teal-blue sweater! If you have a bird, you need a FlightSuit!
Sound yet to be added
Immanuel Baptist Church and the city Police join forces, page has links from the Wichita Police web site.
Event held for the surrounding neighborhood of Immanuel, this page also is linked from the Wichita Police web site
4th of July Picnic for the Homeless was visited by my umbrella cockatoo also.
Their prolife section shows the commitment to this issue. The page shows the ministry on site and has a lot of explanations embedded along with the images so that anyone would know what to expect if they decide to participate.
This page is the result of extensive research of information and searching for good quality images. All the images I found (many not used in this collage) are available to download in a zip file (approx. 3mg) All I can say is after viewing this page, you will never EVER view abortions the same. I still hear their cry........
This was a presentation by Captain Jeff Struecker who was one of the soldiers that lived Blackhawk Down and was a contributing advisor to the movie. Captain Sturecker explained how his life changed after looking death in the face
National Night Out 2003 was an amazing night of Immanuel Baptist staff and members, neighborhood, Wichita police and fire fighters getting together for fun, conversation, and good food.
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