Our Design Philosophy is Simple
Your site should be an interactive marketing tool, not simply a flashy electronic billboard. A properly designed site will become a strong communication tool for your company. We will design your site to suit your specific needs. We feel that although we offer "Package Suites", they may not be flexible enough for each and every customer. Therefore, we do offer custom design for each site to directly reflect your style.
We Assist YOU Through Every Aspect of the Process.
Consultation, design, implementation, marketing/promotion, as well as maintenance and support. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Throughout the development process, we will consult with you regularly, verifying that your needs are being satisfied. Small sites can be developed for as little as $500, while large elaborate sites can cost between $1000-$5000. So basically, a simple page with 3 images, no scripts or animation could be as low as $100/page.
Digital photography is included on site, or digital imaging must be supplied. Time to resize, color correct, or scan is additional $35/hr
Not Included are additional interactive features such as interactive buttons, interactive forms drive the cost upward to include $35/hr for writing the scripts that make these features respond. Slide shows and other image treatments depend on number of images and script involved
A Web site is a dynamic form of marketing requiring continuous attention. Keeping the information on your site relevant and current is critical. Providing new information is the key to keeping customers returning to your site. We offer two maintenance plans:
Unlimited Changes for Six Months, graphic or image design not included(Contract only - $300)
  Single changes (Non-contract - $50hr./ 1 hr. min./month)
Getting your site PROPERLY registered on the search engines and directories throughout the Internet is vital to your online success. The reason for this is simple. Almost all traffic originates from these sources. If your site is not registered with the search engines you are sacrificing maybe 98% of all your potential traffic. This is a major mistake as success or failure on the Internet is so very often down to the shear volume of traffic you can attract to your Web site. Quite simply traffic is the life blood of your site so you need to do all that you can to develop it. Let's make this quite clear. It doesn't matter how feature rich your site is, how brilliant its content or how fast your site loads if only a handful of people see it. That is why you should make increasing your traffic your first priority. There are several options:
1 time submission:.........................................$40/ea
Quarterly Submissions..................................$150/yr
Monthly Submissions....................................$250/yr
Monthly Submissions /w 4 optimizing pages....$500/yr
The pages are BUILT to provide all the requirements of
search engines, it's rare for any attractive page to
contain all the information required by relative to
keyword content. For the most part, it would be
unsightly, confusing, and redundant for visitor's view.
  SCRIPTING - Assistance with CGI, PERL, ASP Available
MIVA:A complex store designed for large volume products and features and multiple levels of entry/security—The actual cart used for eBay.
There are a large volume of additional modules to add features as
  eSTORE There are 2 options depending size /space needed on the server.
  ala CART Simple cart that will handle 25 items, max.
  The plans start at $6.95/mo.( which includes a control panel to set up many features for the site and includes 15 email accounts) up to $38.95/mo. with more features. The last 2 shopping cart options are available here also.
  Take a look. Both cart options are available at
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